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About Laura

Behind the Banter

Laura’s the name, reading’s the game. Editor by trade, book reviewer by inclination, I hit all the bookish cliches: permanently attached to my Kindle, own more books than I could ever finish (and yet can’t resist buying more), vision shot to hell from nonstop reading in less-than-ideal lighting, etc. I’m passionate about beautiful bookshelves, impeccable grammar, and the magic of reading—enough to feel the need to blather to the internet about them.

I tend to gravitate towards YA (although I’m far more A than Y at this point), but I’ll read anything with a compelling story—the more sassy characters, slow-burn romance, and magical world building, the better. The goal is to post once a week, most of which being book reviews. If you’d like to read about anything in particular, definitely message me. I’ll entertain any and every suggestion.

I basically live on Goodreads, so feel free to hit me up there as well. Book recommendations are always welcome!

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