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Why I Will Never Stop Reading YA

The sad fact is I “aged out” of the Young Adult demographic (12 to 18) about a decade ago. Which has presented a bit of a problem, since YA books remain some of my all-time favorites. It’s gotten to the point that I avoid discussing my current reads with coworkers or new acquaintances. Either theyContinue reading “Why I Will Never Stop Reading YA”

Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag 2020

Hello bookish people! I saw this tag floating around, and even though I wasn’t tagged myself, it seemed far too fun to pass up. So join me while I reflect (and only moderately freak out) about 2020 so far. Total books read so far in 2020: I know, I know. Nine seems like such aContinue reading “Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag 2020”

Down the TBR Hole #1

Alright, guys, let’s try something a little different. As much as I strive valiantly to keep my TBR vaguely organized, it inevitably spirals out of control. And it’s been far too long since I’ve tidied it up. So time for some (belated, considering it’s now summer) spring cleaning. The Plan Down The TBR Hole isContinue reading “Down the TBR Hole #1”