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Helpful Banter (How To’s)

How To Write a Book Review You Can Be Proud of

There are a lot of reasons to write book reviews. From keeping a record of your initial impressions to sharing your insights with the world. From helping you process what you’ve just read to strengthening your writing skills. From giving you an outlet to rant and rave to providing a lens with with you can…

How To Choose Your Next Book

You did it. You closed your latest read for the last time (at least for the immediate future), and you’re ready to open up another. But there isn’t an obvious sequel. Nothing in your stack of newly bought but unread titles is sparking your interest (or, God forbid, you’re out of new books). And you’ve…

How To Stump the Slump

We’ve all been there: Your friend gave up asking if you’ve made it to that part weeks ago. The pretty covers on your shelf stare judgmentally as you slink past. Your TBR pile looms, insurmountable. Yet, each time you open up what promises to be The Next Best Thing To Happen To The Written Word,…

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